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Comprehensive Brand Research & Design Audit

Business Plan Design

Full Business Plan Creation

Visual Element Planning

Logo Application

Stationary System Branding

Marketing Strategies


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Off-Site Brand Management

Strategy & Planning


Your brand is a lot more than just your logo.  Let us help you strategize your logo and branding to ensure ultimate customer recognition. We will make sure your brand encompasses all of your core values through effective design practices.



Percival Designs is a Certified Wix Partner. This means we have access to an exclusive expert dashboard with more web design features than normal users for our Wix clients. We can also manage sites not hosted by Wix like GoDaddy, WordPress, Google and much more!




We can create seamless templates to match your brand. From digital to paper forms and booklets, Percival Designs can assure you the best quality designs with access to the best printers in the business.


We can offer a range of services for your business from app designs to product photography. Let Percival Designs guide your creative materials from start to finish. You can bundle services and save tons!

Strategy & Planning
What is Strategy and Planning?

Strategy and Planning is all about making sure you are properly equipped to brand, market and advertise your business. Each of our services is detail-oriented and focus on a single aspect of the planning process. This ensures a strong brand foundation and a manageable brand.

Comprehensive Brand Research & Design Audit

Let us do the hard work. We dive deep into everything that makes your brand. From your logo, colors, marketing materials and even your storefront, we will not miss a beat. We carefully analyze your audience and competitors and look for strengths and weaknesses throughout your current brand no matter what state it is in. After our evaluation, we offer recommendations for you and ways to make your dream more effective. This is perfect for any entrepreneur or small business no matter what size. 

Business Planning

Creating a business plan can be the most valuable aspect of starting a new endeavor. When you need to gather support, sponsorships, and donations, your business plan is the first thing stakeholders look at to know if your business is a match. At PD we use IRS standards to create high-quality, branded business plans to make your business stand out from the rest.


Visual Element Planning & Design

Visual elements consist of much more than a logo like many assume. It's the colors, textures, type, photography and much more depending on what your dream consist of. With our element planning, you can establish the look and feel of your business and get a complimentary style guide to help you stay on track. 

Logo Application

Once you have a new logo it's easy to get "brand-happy" and want to put your logo on everything you have. However, logo application is a delicate process and should be treated as such. We will optimize your logo for all of your media and materials. Scale, hierarchy, positioning and surroundings are all super important during this process so we make sure to let professional designers with trained eyes assess your logo placement needs. We can cover all of your materials or create new ones for you. 

Stationary System Branding

As mentioned in logo application, stationary branding is much more delicate that people generally assume. During this process we design everything from your business cards, letterhead, emails, envelopes, flyers and more depending on your specific needs. This can be included with your logo application services or done as a separate service.

Marketing Plan

We will take your mission and goals and turn them into achievable action items. We can map out a plan for your media and marketing materials as well as big events and products. Our plans can be monthly, seasonal or annually depending on your needs. With a strong plan, any dream is achievable.

Retainer Services

With our retainer services, you can truly leave the work to us. Instead of paying the a la carte rates, you will get access to the hourly retainer rate. At this rate, we work for you around the clock to ensure your projects are finished by pre-set deadlines. This is perfect for those who need constant updates and templates to present to their customers and clients. No more pricing or guessing, just a monthly invoice from Percival Designs that contains all of your services from the month with the amount of time spent.

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